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About Us

the blue bruce is a
family run business

Our adventure started with the thought of what are we going to keep busy at, now that the days of living in arenas and at ball tournaments had come to an end? We started looking around for a hobby farm or a vacation property but had never really found the right fit for us. This property had been sitting empty at the time. In a conversation with the property owners, an idea was discussed that eventually led to a long-term arrangement, which worked well for both families. Our dream of a hobby farm was met with a perfect solution that allows us to welcome others into our home to relax and get a glimpse of the country life.

As for the name The Blue Bruce, you will see when you come; the place is blue, really blue. The “Bruce” is in memory of Bruce Menary, the former owner.

Book Now & 
Come on Over!

Pam and I welcome you to come and stay. Meet the animals, enjoy the grounds and the beauty of the surrounding Mennonite countryside. We’re fortunate to enjoy this every day, but you’ll have to come and see for yourself what it’s all about! We’ll ensure you have a good night’s rest and a great breakfast! You can determine if you wish to be busy with activities or how laid back and relaxed you want to be.

Meet The Animals
click on each image to meet each animal